Can You Believe It

Good Morning, Mackrophiles,

I have so much work left to do on the album that it’s starting to freak me out. I’ve gotten quite a bit done, but the list is still quite daunting, and listening to some of what I did makes me realize I’ve got to redo some of the work I’ve done over the past day or two. Not a happiness making thought. The real unhappiness thought is, if I were doing this professionally in a full studio with a producer at the helm, I’d probably already have most of this corrected because they would have insisted on me playing each track again and again until they were perfected. I’ve tried not to lose the spontaneity of certain earlier tracks, but really, there are flaws I’m finding difficult to justify.

If I were doing these recordings completely within a computer program, there are a lot of time-saving tricks I could use that aren’t possible on the multi-track. If I had the USB add-on, I’d be able to quickly export the raw tracks onto the computer and do exactly as I wish. Alas, that feature wasn’t available to me when I ordered the multi-track.

I suppose I should just bump back my release date and live with the disappointment of not being able to hit the deadline. I could conceivably have AN album ready for June 5th, but it wouldn’t be the album I planned on. There are still two songs that need to be recorded, and I’ve got my heart set on those as being the tracks that best represent what the album is for. On My Mind has been waiting to be properly recorded since 1997, and On The Furthest Shores, as I hear it in my head, will be the most progressive track on the album. Not like I’m playing it in 13/8 or anything like that, but the sections are pretty interesting, and there are something like nine or ten parts to the piece, only a few of which repeat. If I could get these tracks finished on time, I’d be an immensely happy man.

The thing of it is, when I get going on a track, I usually can get a lot of work done in a pretty short period of time. However, these tracks are messing with me because I have to program drum parts based on drum performances that were played fifteen years ago by a drummer who can’t play the parts anymore. Can program the parts, but it’s time consuming, and I haven’t really been ‘feeling’ the drum programming, these past few weeks. I’ve started to use the stock drum beats as much as possible, but these two pieces really require original rhythms, which I’ve mostly programmed despite myself. Going the next step to arrange them into a particular song order, however, is daunting. Particularly for the latter piece, which IS almost nine minutes long and has as many parts to arrange for as it does. I haven’t got it broken down to which beats to use where yet, which I suppose I’ll take care of once I’ve finished writing this post, though I’m seriously not in the mood.

And therein lies the real problem: my mood is tanking. Thanks to the mood stabilizer, I’m not really feeling depressed in the sense I’m used to. I don’t want to go crawl back into bed and sleep for twelve hours. I just don’t want to work. Which is fine, because I’m technically unemployed at the moment, so it’s not like I’ll lose my job if I don’t show up. I’ve fired myself on many occasions, and a few of them in earnest, but in the end, I always take me back. I just have to find a method to get around myself and get the job done.

So far, that method seems to be playing in Adobe Audition, which is my sonic program of choice, given my years of experience with Adobe products. It might not be industry standard, but it works pretty well for what I’m using it for. My one problem is, I need to export an album, and so far, I haven’t found a feature that does this without bouncing and saving individual slices of track separately, which is feasible but kind of irritating, especially since it means generating more and more files. This is a particular nuisance when you consider that I still have a lot of work to do on these tracks, and any files I create for the sake of making a demo disc is only going to have to be deleted to make room for the final copies, and then the whole process gets done over again. Boring. I need something that automates the procedure and allows me to burn a disc without exporting a lot of stuff to another program.

At any rate, it’s getting late in the morning. Time to make coffee, take meds, use the facilities, get dressed, wake my agent, and start working, though not in that order, as I’ve been working for the last two and a half hours while I wrote this post. Thank you for reading. Have a great day.


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