Well, the site has been a bit static for the last little while, though not for lack of work. there’s been a slow-down, and I’m currently working part time in a print shop, mainly doing set-up and finishing for print runs, with some proofing and corrections and a wee bit of elementary design work when the chief designer gets a little backed up or isn’t in.

Any old how, there have been a few side projects in the last six months that have kept me sharp, though it wouldn’t hurt to have a few more clients at this point.

In the meantime, I am finally implementing the Great CvS Website Redesign, starting with a whole new layout and shiny new divisions of the portfolio for easier navigation by product type. Hopefully this will make it easier for people with money and a severe lack of browsing time to zip in, link to what they want to see, and then shoot for the contact page.

This whole redesign effort was born last year, when I started rebranding the company. The first job was redesigning the logo:

CLEARvision Studios Logo 2009-2010

The Shiny New Logo

And then I devised some snazzy advertising material, which I hope to print up and start passing around:

And I even concocted an advertising campaign:

I also did some graphic design for a couple of friends. One wanted a label for a prooduct she was starting a company to try to sell:

And one wanted some design work for her website and her new, independently-developed video game:

That last design had to be modified before going to print, as it turned out we couldn’t get the logo placed where we wanted it, so my client placed it on the front under the cartoon instead. Still, it looks great, and feels quite cozy.

Finally, there was a bit of design work for a tool shop here in town:

Active Tool Repair Logo

So there you have it. CvS has been a little quiet, but we’re still here, and we’re still making things pretty.

And we’re still for hire.

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