Classical Gasp

Good Afternoon, Macketeers.

I’m afraid this has to be a quick one. Work to do.

The nails on my right hand are kind of long and fairly well sanded today, in the hope that I get a call about borrowing a friend’s classical guitar. I’ve been trying to get my hands on one for weeks, to no avail. I certainly don’t have the money to go out and buy even a relatively cheap one at the moment. Soon I will have to clip these nails and get back to bass playing duties, which my nails won’t handle well. I don’t have very solid nails. They’re not paper thin, but they aren’t as thick as they would need to be to withstand bass strings and still be usable for the classical guitar part I have in mind. I’ve already recorded a scratch demo of the track I have in mind using my regular acoustic guitar, which doesn’t sound horrid, but doesn’t quite sound right, either. I may have to learn to make due.

I also have a great deal of keyboard playing ahead. I’ve been wanting to get some real instruments on the album, but I’m starting to face deadline crunch, and my reluctant bit players are being cagey. so I suppose I’ll have to use my keyboard to approximate the parts and hope for the best.

There are a few electric guitar parts, a few bass parts, and some backing vocals to rerecord; Particularly the backing vocals, which are a little less than perfect in some cases, even when they mostly worked. So much work to do, and my mood is less than ideal for being creative today.

Enough. Time to get to it, amenable mood or not. Thank you for reading.


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