Closure v.1.0 pt 3 (of 5)

Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday. Busy having blood drawn and running errands and making chili, so as you can well imagine, not much else got done. Third part is a short one. Enjoy.

“I think you were just afraid to share her with me,” Andy quipped.

“I thought it was you who was having trouble sharing,” he grinned.

“What? You’re not going on about Georgia and I again, are you? I told you, she moved in with some guy.”

“Yes, and if you had taken to him, I’m sure you could have kept things going with her.”

Andy breathed in deep and held her breath for a moment, before expelling it and answering. “No, Georgia was tired of watching me wait for you to get back from the hospital. She tried hanging in there, but after a while, she just found it too depressing to live with me, and when you got out, she gave me an ultimatum; her or you. I didn’t want to choose, but you needed me more than she did.”

“You never told me that before,” he replied, frowning.

“Well, Rich, I didn’t want you getting upset, now did I?”

“Andy… I’m sorry. I had no idea it was my fault. I should have guessed, but somehow, it just seemed easier to take you at your word that she’d met somebody new.”

“Well, that was the idea. And anyway, there is somebody new. Just not the way you think. She’s pregnant.”

“Pregnant? But with whose baby?”

“Well, that’s the funny thing, because she wouldn’t tell me. I just figured it was someone she was afraid to admit she’d been with while we were breaking up. At first I suspected it was you, but I did the math and realized it was impossible since she had her baby last month, and you’ve only been back since June. Then it occurred to me that it might have been somebody else she was afraid I’d be upset about, and that’s when it hit me… her ex-husband.”

“But I thought he’d left her for his… what do you call her? His ‘cliché’?”

“Yes, and true to his nature, he got back in touch with her about a year ago and started talking to her about his secretary troubles. At first, she didn’t want to know, but he eventually wore her down and convinced her to have lunch with him, and before I knew it, they were friends again. Then he went ahead and popped the question… to the secretary, and Georgia came home more furious with him than ever. Turns out he hadn’t been leaving the secretary to come back to Georgia, and had in fact gotten the girl pregnant. Only later did it occur to me that he’d hit a home run with Georgia, too.”

“That’s so sad,” he sighed. “You two were really close.”

Andy was tearing up. “I loved her, Rich. I still do. And I lost her, because I couldn’t let go of you.”

“I’m so sorry, Andy,” he croaked, shaky, eyes fogging up.

“Nothing for it,” she sniffed. “I’m not going to lose both of you. So you just get this fucking album of yours done and get back to writing real stories, so we can move out of this apartment and into a real house, big enough for more than just us.”

“You figuring on bringing home another girl?” he asked, only half-kidding.

“Depends,” she answered cryptically.

“On what?”

“On how many times it takes to have my little girl,” she answered.

© 2013 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
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