Comics Are Supposed To Be Monthly, Right?

I haven’t been working on what I said I would.

Simple statement of fact. I started the whole Art of Words project, but had trouble getting enough time and space to work on it, and figured I needed to re-prioritize to get some money coming in. So what I did was took a lot of my old fiction and started sorting it into anthologies and novellas, along with my two finished novels and my three or four unfinished ones. I’m going to be putting them out as eBooks, and eventually POD books, I guess. I just want to get the ball rolling, in order to make myself the room and time I need to get back to work on my SAM projects.

Speaking of the  Sunday Afternoon Matinée, two of the books I’m releasing are LinkTales collections, and I discuss some of the history of LINK and SAM (I HAVE mentioned that SAM takes place in the LINK Continuum, haven’t I?), but the cool bit is, I’m thinking about finishing up the scripts for the first three SAM OGNs and publishing the scripts in the third volume of LinkTales, some time next year.

I’ll probably show them to some artist friends and see if they might want to draw them before I do, but if not, I have to consider the fact that I draw very slowly and I don’t have the tools I need to crank out those stories just now. I’m hoping that, if I don’t get artists onboard next year, I’ll publish the scripts for amusement, and then, if and when time and money allow, I’ll start back to drawing them myself, probably sometime in 2013 or 2014, after I’ve dealt with The Art of Words and The Arcolopolis.

So there you have it: a capsule update of why I haven’t been doing my fricking job. I AM hoping to start showing more SAM stuff soon, but for the moment, I have to settle for this.

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