Constant Stars in the Nighttime

About a year ago, I had a dream about a group of youngsters, teens, mainly, who had unorthodox gifts, but were being persecuted in a futuristic society. It was a vague dream with at least one boy and one girl, though I remember having the sense that there were a few of each.
Their gifts were supernatural/superhuman in nature, but not like the sorts of super powers we see in comics and movies. More like everyday abilities. Talents, I guess you’d consider them, but amplified as the story goes on.
I needed to explain this amplification process, so I came up with a mad scientist who fancied himself a Professor Xavier type, except not so much because, cray-cray, you know?
Anyway, this morning, I got their names straight for the first time. I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t think of a better name for the one PoC character I knew was going to be in the class. I didn’t want to mess up and create an ethnic-sounding name or kluge together two famous names or whatever, so I decided on an African American appellation, even though part of me wishes it were a more ethnic name. Seems unnecessary, now that I think it through, though. Lots of people have Americanized names and haven’t changed them to something more ethnic-sounding.
I also got the talents sorted out, mostly. Not sold on one or two of them, but it’s getting there. Still have to do some work on the characters to flesh them out before I start writing them in.
On that front, I also erased everything but the subheadings from the first two segments I had written introducing the doctor and his assistant. It was clever writing, but it felt wrong introducing the main part of the book with some hopped up Mengele type smugly introducing the story. Clever, yes. Emotionally strong, not so much. I want to humanize him a bit, but it distorts the ending to have him speaking in past tense. So, into the research bin it goes.
But it’s progress, of a kind. Now if only I wasn’t so off-balance and anxious, so I could start to actually write the new beginning.
Speaking of new beginnings, I also truncated the mini chapter that actually starts the book, called TRYP I. It was about a thousand words. It’s down to about 800. I took out the weird part where I presented it as a sort of false multiple choice story. I still like the idea of writing a bit of choose your own story-ism, to approximate the interactive storytelling project that birthed that story, but I don’t really have enough room for a genuine interactive story in this novel. I might still work it out. Just gotta figure out how to do it in a way that doesn’t detract too much.
Listening to Rheostatics this morning.
My Earl Grey tea is empty.

My kitchen is overrun with roaches. Thanks for nothing, RatLab.

That’s all I’ve got. Thank you for reading. Seeya tomorrow, probably.

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