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Back in the mid 90s, when I was seriously trying to turn myself into a songwriter/composer, Etcetera's friend Wendy DePaulo (who was engaged to Gary Falkins for ages) and I had been hanging around a fair bit, and she decided to play me some music made by a young man she knew from the school she worked at here in Hamilton. I was immediately impressed, but she made it clear that he had 'his own thing' going on, and wouldn't likely be interested in joining Etcetera. His voice is this mellow alto, and his piano playing was quite warm and technically impressive. Wendy ended up letting me keep the cassette for some reason, and I take it out every once in a while and play it.

Today I was in the mood to put on the cassette and play it to my wife while she woke up, as his music of that period has a largely pastoral, relaxing quality I knew she'd enjoy. It made me think that I'd like to rip some of teh tracks and post them here for other people to listen to. However, as I'd never met Liam and didn't know how he'd feel about that, I decided to go surfing first and see if he hadn't already done such a thing. As it turns out, he has:

Corwyn MP3s

Now, there are a number of tunes from that cassette that he hasn't included on that page, and I haven't yet found a more comprehensive site. So I might still rip and post a few tracks here, just because I enjoy his music and would like for a few other people to hear some of it, and as well, because the cassette has a touch of tape his, and a digital track with a bit of sound polishing might last me a while longer than this poor cassette, which won't last forever.

One thing I did learn in my surfing is that apparently he was a fan of Marillion, a band that Gary and I are enormous fans of ourselves. It does make me wish I were a stronger musician, so that I could better attract the talents of such a musician as this. A talent like that would be a real asset, and would probably get me off my ass and back in the game a little more seriously. I'm still dicking around writing pop tunes, and haven't dared to chase after my more progressive interests in a long time.

Anyway, when I've ripped the cassette to digital form, I'll probably come back to this post and link a few songs he doesn't have up on the Timelss Sun page.

Incidentally, Liam, if you ever come across this post and decide you don't want your music here, I'll understand and take them down again. I MAY, however, record a cover tune or two and post them here. Some of your songs fairly scream for a rock arrangement to my ears, and I'd love to see if I could turn out something for at least one or two of them. Obviously I won't be selling them, and proper credit will be given to you, naturally.

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