Crazy Ideas Dept: Only Forward Reviews

I posted this a few minutes ago:

Thinking vaguely about starting a culture review vlog site. Also thinking, I don’t believe I should be the star of it. I’m just not as pretty as I once was, or as flamboyant as I sound in writing. Also, I’ve written a fair number of reviews over the years, but not in a while. I’d need to get back to work on that.

I was thinking about starting with writing a series of comics reviews and calling it something like ‘Only Forward’, and trying really hard NOT to talk about classic canon issues, like, say, the history of a comics franchise and such, because most people who aren’t already connoisseurs of things like movies or comics or television or music or suchlike probably want a soft entrypoint that tells them what works about what’s there in front of them, rather than what was published on the subject 50 years ago.

I’m an old schooler, and I’m ALL ABOUT context, but I’ve been creeping back into certain fandoms slowly, and I’ve noticed that many of the reviewers* I’ve seen recently are either slavishly tied to continuity (sadly, a macguffin in the mainstream) or the money. I love good continuity writing. Love it. But really, it’s not as helpful for the entertainment industry, and only serves to lock out future fans.

Sooo… any thoughts? This will probably wind up just another crazy idea on the shelf, but it would be cool to hear what people think, before I forget about it.

Right! Back to work on the game.

* except #ComicBookGirl19. She rawks our world.

I’d like to add that I could start with a few of my older reviews to bulk things up a bit, but it would be necessary to get a few other people involved, to make budget and deadline issues less daunting. I have sound equipment and editing tools, but I need a new digital camera. The cheap webcam aesthetic just doesn’t cut it these days.

And I suppose I would need someone bright, eager, geeky and photogenic to host the thing.

Any takers?

Alternatively, I guess I could just go write for someone else, for a change.


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