Cuz London Is Drowning and I… I Live By The River

Alright, I’m feeling a bit aggressive today, probably from listening to John Taylor’s Neurotic Outsiders, which I have to admit was a very impolite album, but amusing. His retake on Planet Earth, the prototypical Duran Duran New Wave hit, was darkly fascinating.

I’ve been up for a couple of hours now, and I’ve spent most of that time tweaking a logo for the purposes of userpic presentation, but really, I’m not sure why I bothered, since most of teh stuff I do now involves social networking, and most of those need a picture of my mug.

What I should be doing is finishing these alien race profiles and glossary terms for Infinite Redress, which STILL isn’t ready to go because I’ve had almost no time last week, and precious little sanity to work with this weekend. So today I’m back to work. I hope the caffeine is working today.

I probably wouldn’t have started the glossary if I hadn’t suddenly realized that I had almost no idea what my alien time measurements meant. So the glossary was born, and it’s taken me most of what little time I’ve had over the last week to build it.

In a similar vein, it occurs to me that I’m going to have to give serious thought to drawing a map for The Bride of War. It might not be necessary, because I do take great pains to describe where most things in town are, but still, it may be necessary to hammer one together before I release the ebook. Do any of my beta readers think it needs a map? I had been considering designing a few motifs to sprinkle throughout the chapter headings to signify which character was in the p.o.v. seat. Just some simple vector symbols I can do in black and white. Any thoughts?

Well, with that, I should get back to work. hope everyone is having as productive a day as I’m hoping to. Sorry, that’s as romantic as I get at 5:40 AM. Ta.



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