Cuz What Doesn’t Kill Us Now Just Makes Us Better Whores

My back is giving me grief, so I’m not doing cheerful with any sense of conviction. Sorry about that.

That said, I won’t whine at you. No more self-pity posts. I’ve got a heating pad. And music. I’m good.

What I will say is, I’ve been tinkering with the formatting of my unfinished novel, The Approximate Distance To Limbo. It wasn’t planned. A friend trying to make her own ebooks needed a bit of help figuring out what software to use, and I tried coaching her a bit, but we aren’t using all the same software, and anyway, I can’t claim to be an expert myself. I practically have to relearn everything every time I finish writing a book and start prepping it for publishing. It’s still cheaper for me to do it all myself, but I’ll tell you, I have my days when I wish I at least have a very clever, very charming assistant to do things like that for me.

We had company today; a surprise visit from our friend Jenn, who brought her dog Scout for the walk. Our cats weren’t entirely thrilled, but they didn’t gouge his puppy eyes out, so I chalk it up as a win.

I just finished a can of Coke Zero Vanilla. It is having the wrong effect on me; I’m ready for a nap.

Anyway, hope everyone got over Hump Day relatively well. *hugs and kisses for one and all*


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