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My wife is an artist. Not many of you who read this know that, because I rarely mention it here. She’s what I refer to as a Neo-Ashcan School painter, as well as a Neo-Minimalist, in the style of surrealist Joan Miro. She loves symbolism and direct, oblique messages in her works and titles, though she often claims that art doesn’t have to have any meaning, which is probably true of several of her works that I enjoy most.

Anyway, here is an article about her recent graduation from Hamilton’s McMaster University Discovery Program.

And here are just a few of her pieces that I enjoy the most:

Dawn McIlmoyle's Bowler

Dawn's Books

Dawn's Dancer

Dawn's Installation no1

Dawn's Mentor

Dawn's Moon

Dawn's Preschoolers

Dawn's Shoes

Dawn's The Pring

Dawn's Yogini

Okay. That was more than a few, but my wife has been extremely prolific in the last year or two.

For more art,cooking tips and first rate book reviews that won’t bore you to pieces, visit DSAFIRE.NET.

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