Redesign: Phase Three

Well, I’ve been trying to get this site designed with a more personalized, artistic flair for a number of years now, but my web design chops have never been up to it. At the moment, I’m fumbling and stumbling about with canned code and Dreamweaver CS4, three manuals of varying degrees of comprehensibility, and The Font of All Knowledge, Google.

Phase One is so long ago, I’m not even sure I have any images left from that period. Lemme look…

…ah, there we go:

VFMD 2004 03 01a VFMD 2004 04 06c VFMD 2004 04 06b VFMD 2004 09 08d

As you can see, a basic concept was in play, but I was finding it hard to implement because my web skills weren’t up to it. By the time I figured out some of how to make it work, the concept was so dated, it would have been pointless to try.

It tooks several years for me to figure out a way to revitalize my concepts and make them more current. This brought me to Phase Two, by which time my wife had long since created an interim website using the skills she had and the tools she could find. Here’s what I’ve been trying to get made for the last year:

CvS-2009-index-01if assets-001

Well, it wasn’t until just the last week that I finally sat myself down and started forcing myself to figure it all out, and this is where I wound up as of last night:

VFMD 2010 03 14a VFMD 2010 03 14b VFMD 2010 03 14c VFMD 2010 03 14d VFMD 2010 03 14e VFMD 2010 03 14f

As I said though, after making this much progress, I finally figured out the awful truth: there was no room left for the content. So I went back to square one and tried to envision a more modern adaptation of my ideas, leaving lots of space for content. And here’s what it got me:

CvSweb-2010a CvSweb-2010b CvSweb-2010c CvSweb-2010d

And there you have it. Still got about eight pages to go, and I’m trying to decide if I’mg oing to hang on to my title page concept, since it’s the only part that I managed to get to work 100% the way I wanted.

I think that’s enough show and tell for now. Hopefully the next big update will be to say I’ve got the site ready to go up, and I’m getting ready to make the jump.

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