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Good Afternoon, Mackronauts,

I can’t seem to settle on what to work on, today. I’ve got three or four tracks on the go at present. I’m a little tired and unfocussed, which doesn’t make me happy, but I did make progress on a rearranged cover I’ve been meaning to record for years and kept putting off: The Way You Look Tonight. It starts like a traditional jazz quartet kind of thing, but then shifts into a very different mode (I don’t want to spoil the surprise). However, I hit a snag because the multi-track decided to inexplicably lock up the track, so it won’t allow any further work; not even on the copy I made, so I’ve imported it to my computer to add the vocals. It really needed more work, but I’ll be stuck recreating it from scratch next, which irritates me, so I figured I’d at least make a demo of it with vocals so I’ll have something to guide me in the recreation (I got a bit lucky when I improvised the winds and horns in the intro, but I’ll have a little trouble remaking that part).

The thing that irritates me is, the bass line needs polishing, and that means I will be forced to recreate the track, rather than just import the mixdown and play over top; the original bass line is mostly good, but a little shaky in spots. The guitar is less than perfect, too, but jangly 12 Strings are a bit more forgiving than pop bass, to my ears at least.

Any old how, just thought I’d pop in and update, in case I don’t get the lyrics recorded today. I was hoping to put the song out as a special bonus, but maybe it’s better that I sit on it for a bit.

In other news, I’m still getting steady hits from the Ian Anderson review, and I’m happy to see that Julian Lennon is getting all sorts of press for his album, Everything Changes. It’s a brilliant album and I quite enjoyed reviewing it, though I think I enjoyed his response even more. I wish him all the best. The Mars Volta review didn’t get as much attention as I’d hoped, and the Van Halen and Big Wreck reviews have simmered down, too. I’ll be writing a new review in the next day or so; I’ve just been a bit busy. I’ve had one or two album submissions, so I don’t want to keep people waiting.

Right, time to get back to work.


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