Dinner Date and the Week in Review

First up, a remix of DINNER DATE.

Second, I apologize for the lack of posting. I’ve been pretty busy, even though I haven’t really gotten much of my own work done, and thus have very little to show for it.

Third, I DID start a Facebook fan page for Anthony Phillips.

Fourth, there is an Art Crawl in down town Hamilton tonight. I’m planning on going with my wife.

Fifth, Terra Lightfoot is playing on the roof of Jackson Square RIGHT NOW. She’s great. Go check her out.

Sixth, there is no sixth.

Seventh, I’ve sold another thing at RedBubble, and I’ve even been paid a meagre sum by them, which I have yet to transfer from my Paypal account. I should look into that.

Eighth, the art sale is still in the works. I just haven’t had enough time to start posting works for sale. Soon…

I’ll try to get in here to do more posting in the days to come. I haven’t abandoned you.


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