Dinner Date – revised 2010 10 15


Contemplating paintings
In a picturesque cafe
Waiting for a friend
To dine with me today

Glass keeps running dry
Clock keeps swinging round
i hear her pulling up
But she’s nowhere to be found

Waiting for my dinner date
Forgiving her for being late
Can’t get used to this wait
The first course arrives
I’m swallowing the bait

Scanning wanted ads
In a street scene magazine
Trying to fill my time
Stop wondering where she’s been

Some old friends of ours
Ask if she’s doing well
One liners, a telling smile
To cover up what won’t sell

Stuck waiting for my dinner date
Got too much time to contemplate
How this seems too sedate
And her gift for
Making excuses is innate

I head a distant rhythm
New song runnign through my mind
Words I thought I’d never write
About leaving this behind

The waiter catches my eye
He knows what’s going on
Wave him over, bill in hand
With a note telling her I’m gone

Done waiting for my dinner date
Wishing she wouldn’t make me wait
This seems to be my fate
I’m ready to go
So open up the gate


When you remember me
Please drop me a line
I may be hard to reach
But I’m doing fine

I keep a place for you
Because nothing is the same
I know you’ve had things to do
So I guess no one’s to blame

Have a voice of your own
And if you’d use it
We’d see how much you’ve grown

We could have shared
We could have shared so much
I hate to see you go
So try
Try to keep in touch.


© 1993, 1996, 2010 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music
for the upcoming album, Bisecting a Circumference

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