Dirty Old River, Must You Keep Rolling, Flowing Into The Night?

Such a quiet morning. I’m pretty wiped out. Not really, REALLY sick anymore. Just exhausted.

I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to work on today. I’ve got a LOT of music to convert to digital format, but I’m already backlogged with the stuff I have ripped but not finished breaking up and converting so far. The process I’m having to use is a bit labour intensive and awkward. I need a newer (ie USB) tape deck for the computer, so I don’t have to keep importing CDs from my multitrack.

I’m also thinking it’s about time I sat down and did some fiction writing. I have to polish the plot for STEEP INCLINATIONS, but I also have an urge just to do some prose writing, and maybe release a novella and make a few bucks, if possible. My Smashwords account has seen some traffic lately, but folks still aren’t buying much from me. As in, about TEN sales since I started it in late 2011. I know there are more eReaders out there than that, even if most of my readers prefer dead*tree*ware. I really, REALLy need to finish THE APPROXIMATE DISTANCE TO LIMBO.

Maybe I should finish that vector file I was working on. it would be nice to see if folks want to buy prints or tee shirts of it.
VolUntEer 001a sml


Think I’m gonna stop here. I’ll come back and talk later if anything comes up. Thanks for reading.


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