Disappearing Like Smoke In The Wind

I slept badly last night. I’m not likely to be amazing today. *shrug*

Still not sure why I’m so heavily involved in civic engagement activities. I should be writing fiction.

I’ll be dressing up and heading for Mom’s, shortly. Time to wash those floors, at long last.

No fiction got written yesterday. Or the day before. This is an ugly trend that must be stamped out.

I DID succeed in getting another sale of my NEVER APOLOGIZE ebook. So that’s nice.

I also have a friend who promises to buy a set of my print books from me in a couple of days, if I sign and doodle in them for him. Then he wants to leave them laying around for random people to read. I consider this a dangerous proposition. I may have to start editing myself more if this is going to become a thing. I have a tendency of sharing semi-autobiographical bits in some of my writing, because I figure nobody I know will read my stuff. It’s worked out for me so far, but I wonder how long it will be before my friend works out which character is based loosely on him. Ah well. It was bound to happen some day. Best to just suck it up and hope I didn’t write anything really embarrassing in there.

I’m listening to Genesis’ last studio album, Calling All Stations, which I reviewed a couple of years ago. It still holds up. I wonder if it will ever find its audience. As far as I can tell, only diehard Genesis fans really listen to it.

My wife reposted an image a friend of ours came across and posted on Facebook, of the flavour profile diagrams of about 86 different scotch whiskies. Should narrow down my ongoing search for my favourite scotch immensely, because I already know two or three flavour profile categories I don’t much care for (medicinal and tobacco come springing to mind; too much of either of those and I sort of go off the flavour; I’m also a little leery of too much floral flavour, but it’s livable in a well-balanced single malt). Thinking I should try Macallan again.

Coffee will be done soon. Time I got properly dressed and ready for Mom’s.

Stay warm. Take care. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


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