Don’t You Know What These Empty Spaces Mean?

Good Morning, My Little Booboocitos,

I’m in the mood to talk about so-called religious freedom. Yeah, it’s one of those days. But you know what, I’m gonna spare you the agony. That’s the kind of love I have for you folks. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Okay, so let’s recap:

I’m not writing, because I can’t find time enough to focus. I got a couple thousand words of new material on an old story done earlier in the week, but since then, not a jot. Not one tittle. Bupkus.

In other news, no music has been recorded in days, and absolutely no progress has been made in learning and rerecording On My Mind/On The Furthest Shores. I have been planning on recording a proper demo of Gary’s new song, Dos Services, but I keep putting it off thinking he’ll show up to help. He’s been MIA for two weeks now. I suppose in a day or two I’ll do it myself and let him record his vocal over top later on. It’s his song, dammit! (Although my agent wrote the lyrics.)

What I have been doing is drawing. I’m trying to get these drawings together for the mural submission, on the off chance that I decide to enter the competition. I don’t want to step off of the team, but I keep thinking I can do more to help the process by submitting my proposal than I can from sitting back waiting for someone else to think big enough to do the job. At least this way, if they reject my ideas and choose something lame, I can wash my hands of it.

I DID do up a blogsite and banner for them, which I haven’t worked on in the last 24 hours, but I may do a bit more pro bono work for them before making my final decision and stepping down (if I’m going to). They need a flyer, and I’d like this last flyer to be part of the set, just to keep the branding intact. Anyone new coming in would probably want to change everything around, and really, this whole project needs a better visual presence than it’s had since before I joined. So I’ll probably put in a little time today whipping up a demo for the flyer and encouraging the committee to accept it and make modifications as they see fit.

And finally, I am still listening to the new album, Launch, by The James Rocket. It’s fast becoming my favourite album of the year, which is saying something.

Time to get some work done. Seeya.


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