Etcetera – I Want Someone Close To Me

Hello and Welcome. My name is Lee, and I'm the principle singer, songwriter and lyricist for a couple of bands I started years ago and am tinkering with again today, called Etcetera and Thesis. I play guitars, keys and bass, and program drums because my drummer (Derrick) won't let me near his kit (possessiveness issues).

Etcetera is a band of buddies and I jamming out tunes and demoing them until we're strong enough to record and play live. We've been together off and on for over a decade, but sadly haven't gotten very far as of yet. Our musical influences are pretty varied, stretching all throughout the 20th Century, but centering mainly on our Power Pop, Prog Rock and Art Rock influences. We are currently a three-piece, but if my drummer has his way, I'll be festooned with so-called band members again before too long. Please send flowers. Or good single malt.

Thesis is more of a personal side project, mainly consisting of songs written and performed by myself, sometimes with Gary Falkins (guitarist for Etcetera), and an Alesis SR-16 drum machine that left me for a better band (I presume). As most of these tunes are multitrack studio efforts, there has been little effort to make this into a gigging band to date. That too may change

This first tune, I Want Someone Close To Me, is a sarcastic little ditty about a guy who ain't getting any. It's a very recent composition written and introduced to the band expressly for the purpose of building up a full album and set list of original material to go along with older originals we never got past the indie album (i.e. demo) stage back in the 90s. It's a white Reggae number in the vein of The Police and other popular rock musicians of the very late 70s and early 80s. I hope to include a final version on a commercially-available album and download site in the near future, once we have access to better recording equipment and a full album of material.

This was recorded in a small concrete and dry wall-filled basement room, using an old Fostex 4-track and a PZM mike with no close miking, mixing board or even EQ. Sounds like someone taped it using a microcasette recorder in a bar, minus the audience. So if Low-Fi is not your thing, this may be a hard listen. As well, the musicians are rusty and the performance is nothing like flawless, but the tune isn't too shabby, if derivative. All that said, I'm quite proud of it. It stands up to the best we've ever done as a band, and I think augers well for our reincarnated form, even though we have a ways to go yet before I declare us 'ready'.

I hope you enjoy the tune, and thank you for listening.

Lee Edward McIlmoyle

Etcetera -I Want Someone Close To Me

© 2006 Etcetera Thesis Music

from the upcoming album 'Add Infant Item'

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