Etcetera-less Christmas

Okay, so my monthly update is late. There hasn't been much time for me to really sit down and write anything new about the band. Truth of the matter is, right now, the Etcetera side of Etcetera/Thesis is once again on hiatus.

Derrick is looking at a new drum kit at work that he swears he's going to buy and play in his apartment, because it's small, it sounds good (to his ears) and he figures it will be easier to cart to gigs as well. I figure, whatever, so long as he bloody buys it himself and plays it often.

Gary has two jobs right now, and he is working himself into the ground trying to pay off bills that backed up while he was unemployed. Fair enough, except that the gear needed to write, rehearse and record the new songs for both Etcetera and Thesis are sitting here in my living room, and I've been holding off starting without Gary so he would have less trouble getting up to speed when it comes time to play the songs. It's easier to let him write his own parts. Being the guitar player, this does put a dent in what can and cannot be written and recorded just now. And this is getting old.

So I'm figuring that, after the rush is over, I'm going to start working out the songs on my own and demo them for the guys to listen to and learn in their own time. The Etcetera stuff will be for them to learn to play before we reconvene, and the Thesis stuff will be for me to play to other musicians and see if anything happens. I'm still willing to play it with them, but really, I've got two albums' worth of songs that have never been recorded, plus two albums' worth of songs that are begging to be rerecorded, and I can't imagine any of that getting done, let alone the new Etcetera album (and all the extra stuff we want to rerecord) anytime before the end of 2007, let alone 2006. I allowed the guys to drag me back into this stuff, and now that I'm into it, they're not ready.

So yeah. 2007, I work on Thesis stuff, and demo the new Etcetera material as I go along. I hope to have a great deal of new music recorded inthe next twelve months, and I'm not going to let details like lack of a band to slow me down again. I'm already working up the lyrical material. I just have to spend mroe time with the instruments, and that includes guitar and keys, two instruments I've been avoiding for a while now. Time to get back into harness and get the work done.

Season's Greetings, everyone.

Lee Edward McIlmoyle,
somewhere in Hamilton on a Friday night.

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