Etcetera – The Dream Falls

Etcetera - The Dream Falls (2006 09 01)
Etcetera - I Want Someone Close To Me (2006 08 01)

Okay, so I woke up today with a terrible hangover after drinking one whole finger of single malt scotch (WTF??) while I was making last night's post. So it's taken me a hand full of hours, two tylenol, one glass of water, one cup of tea, a peanut butter and jam sandwich and two chapters of The Beatles' Anthology (ch 5-6) to shake it off and get productive again.

After a couple of phone calls with the band to duly report about last night's blog, I decided to take a shower, reboot my computer, and 'remaster' the best take of The Dream Falls from last week (take 2, for those counting; there were five takes, but I flubbed the lyrics and bassline in all of the other takes, and the guys muffed the ending on teh first take, when my voice was still alright).

It's actually a song I started writing a few months ago to express my sympathy for Ragnar Tornquist, the writer and director of the 'Modern Adventure' game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey II. It's a brilliant game, but it's much shorter than the original, it ends with a huge cliffhanger (cliffhangers, actually), and had some fighting and stealth elements that pissed off a lot of fans (and detractors, who had clearly been waiting for a chance to piss on Ragnar, after all of the acclaim his first game got, much to their chagrin).

Personally, I was put off the action sequences at first, but eventually got the hang of it, and it now lives on my list of truly great video games. However, many, many people still bitch and whine about the frustratingly downbeat ending, so I found myself imagining Ragnar's position, and wrote this song for him.

If I ever get it recorded cleanly, I'll send him a copy for his personal amusement, even if he doesn't completely get it. The lyrics are just obtuse enough that you could take it to mean a number of things, including a sort of terse goodbye to a bad relationship if you wanted to, I'd imagine. It's not, but I like obtuse lyrics, so I rather enjoyed this piece. I posted the lyrics at the official Dreamfall forum, but I'm afraid nobody got it. There were one or two requests to hear the music though, so I'll probably go post a link over there for their edification.

Vital Stats: The Dream Falls comes in at exactly 2:00 mins; it's an 80's-style post-punk tune á là The Police, XTC, The Cure and maybe Split Enz; it actually sounds pretty good despite the raw recording technique; and it goes on record as being the shortest full pop song I've ever written and recorded, which I think is bloody brilliant for me. I'd say it's comparable to OK Go's Here It Goes Again, only not as cleanly recorded, sadly.

Anyway, I was on a roll again, so I decided to 'remaster' I Want Someone Close To Me while I was at it. So here you go.

© 2006 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music
for the upcoming album 'Add Infant Item'

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