Etcetera Thesis Band Bio – written for Internet Radio

Etcetera Thesis is a modern amalgamation of two older Canadian indie bands that never quite made the scene: Etcetera–1993-1998, 2006; and Thesis–1997-2001, 2007-present. These bands have existed concurrently in various incarnations over the last nineteen years.

The current incarnation consists of Derrick Rose on drums and backing vocals (1993-present), Gary Falkins on guitars and vocals (1994-present) and Lee McIlmoyle on lead vocals, bass, keys, guitars, drum programming and engineering (1993-present).

Due to timing and various life issues, the majority of The Whole Other Half, including ‘One Up On You’ and ‘Here It Comes Again’ (both of which were originally written back in 1995 and demo’d back to back in their original forms), were written, performed and recorded by Lee, with much technical guidance and mentoring from David ‘Guild’ Jones. The entire album was recorded and mixed in Lee’s home studio, CLEARvision Studios.

The band are currently rehearsing to take some of the songs out and performing sepuku for live audiences, hopefully before it gets so cold that Derrick will refuse to leave his warren to play.


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