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Welcome Back. It’s been a month since my last post. In that time, the site has been quiet, and then offline, and then returned, and still I haven’t posted anything. So this is my apology.

The Big Novel is sitting open on my desktop, still not advancing. I fear it might be dead. I hope I’m wrong. It just sits there staring at me balefully. It needs to happen. I think my ability to be a good writer is on the line. Even the short stories I was working on for two or three other collections just won’t allow me to finish them. I have no idea what the holdup is.

Many creative projects I’ve been trying to work on have been sitting gathering dust. I can’t seem to find the time or energy to continue them. The Tarot paintings, the Link game, the Steep Inclinations album, the Kismet OGN… actually, I could fill an entire post just listing off the projects currently on hiatus. It’s overwhelming, really.

And the volunteer work is getting overwhelming. I’m resolutely NOT manic, so taking on all of this stuff that keeps me away from my work is starting to be a problem. Too many projects I’m afraid to walk away from are gobbling up all of my time. I don’t resent it, but it IS a distraction, and an exhausting one.

The thing is, the volunteer work is emotionally rewarding. The community building, the civic engagement, the big city building projects I’m advocating for… are all very important to me.

But something has to give. I keep trying to step away, but keep getting nudged back into the hot seat. And I do it to myself. Make no mistake, this is my fault.



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