Falling Into Place Slowly

I suspect I should be calling the new album Tetris, because it really does feel like shuffling blocks into place as they fall from the sky.

I'd play you something from the latest band practice, but I can't seem to host any more songs at this time. No idea why. Anyway, I may host a track or two on the CvS website. I'm not 100% happy with any of the tracks, but we did get five complete takes of The Dream Falls, warts and all. So I'm actually looking forward to the next practice, whenever that will actually be.

We did manage to capture a couple of new song riff ideas of Gary's as well, so it seems pretty safe to assume that we'll be using lots of new music on the album. At the moment, it looks like most of the projected album is older material and a handful of originals This doesn't appeal to me nearly as much as an album of originals, but the band needed direction, so I provided it, by sitting with Gary and hashing out the entire rehearsal set list for the year.

So it's looking like this:
I Want Someone Close To Me [Police – Walking On The Moon, Roxanne, Can't Stand Losing You; white man reggae]
The Dream Falls [XTC – Making Plans For Nigel, This Is Pop; crunchy early post-punk New Wave][ETA: So far, really crunchy, but it's coming along]
The Dark Age [Thesis, really. I don't know what else this sounds like; I can't hear it properly yet][ETA: My wife says U2; we managed a fast take that sounded a bit like The Who during the early 70s. I don't like the way we hit the reprise, and I hate that I was out of tune for every take we did on Friday]
No One In The World [Matthew Good Band, with perhaps a dash of early REM to put it in 80s territory][ETA: Written for Gary to sing, though so far I'm the only one singing it. Go figure]
Lady In the Field [This also sounds like Thesis to me, but I think I'll find something soon][ETA: My wife says she hears a touch of Solisbury Hill, but Derrick says he hears Paul Simon]
Apoptosis [early Gregg Rolie/Steve Perry Journey – Majestic, Some Day Soon, Too Late, City of the Angels, Feeling That Way; rocks to a grinding halt like a Who song, and ends with a chorus]
Out Of Time [Billy Joel – Big Shot, Moving Out, All For Leyna, Pressure]

Older Thesis tunes redux:
Here It Comes Again [The Beatles by way of later XTC, Adrian Belew, Crowded House, King's X; Instant Karma, I Am The Walrus, Getting Better]
One Up On You [Split Enz – Hard Act To Follow, I Got You; early Squeeze – Another Nail For My Heart, Pulling Mussels From a Shell; light but dark and fast, had a P.Gabriel beat]
Waiting [Pink Floyd – Hey You, Run Like Hell; this used to be a Sound Garden riff over a Tony Banks/Stewart Copeland piano figure, but I'm hearing it diferently these days][ETA: Having a little trouble getting this to happen like that. Gonna go sort it out on my own]
I'm Gone Again [chirpy pop song, bit like a Paul McCartney solo number; might make this more as a Steve Winwood 'Arc of the Diver' – George Harrison thing]

Older Etcetera tunes due for an overhaul:
Breathe [Billy Joel – Big Shot, Moving Out, All For Leyna, Pressure; this used to be a more Yes-like number, but it never gelled, even though it's on the old album][ETA: Actually, this one is probably going to be more  Thomas Dolby. Lyric's not right for a Billy Joel tune]
Bleed Into One [The Police – Omega Man, Rehumanize Yourself, Synchronicity II, King of Pain; didn't work on the album, but I still have my hopes]
How Can I Miss You (If You Won't Go Away)? [Phil Collins during his angry, angsty period; In The Air Tonight, I Don't Care Anymore; we did one version, but it's wrong]
The Stand (might change the title again) [Led Zeppelin by way of The Tea Party; closer to Carouselambra than Kashmir or Achilles Last Stand, which is what it sounds like now]

After that, I want to rerecord these old songs for an EP:

Here We Go Again [Wants desperately to be like Yes – I've Seen All Good People, Starship Trooper, And You And I; band lyric]
Through The Eyes of a Fool [Never figured out what this sounded like; Just Gary's take on a soft rock love song; Derrick lyric]
Thick & Thin [This is kind of like The Northern Pikes' Snow In June, only with a cruchy mexican rock riff at the core; Derrick lyric, weirdest tune we ever wrote]
You Send Me Spinning [I have no idea what this sounds like. I wrote the music, and i still haven't figured it out. It's just me writing a Gary tune for a Derrick love lyric]
Games [This song defies description for me too. Gary and Dave wrote it with Derrick to another of Derrick's lyrics, and I came back and fixed it]
Goodbye [This is used as a melodic finale to Games. I wrote it separate from the band, and Gary and I worked it in. Dunno what it sounds like either]

Still need to write/rewrite lyrics for Apoptosis, Out of Time, The Stand and How Can I Miss You. Still need music for Apoptosis, Out of Time, No One In The World and guitar keys for The Dream Falls, plus rearrangements for most of the tracks and full drum and basslines for several tracks. However, we actually have a (huge) album's worth of good songs lined up. It's great having a game plan again. This band was always great for creating odd new material, but it really only ever functioned well as a performing and recording band when it had specific marching orders. So now Gary and I have a direction to go in, and to drill each other and Derrick on. Things should start coming together now.


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