Finally… Plot!

I’ve been struggling for a week now to get my head around the plot for the new YA book series I’ve been nattering on about. Every time I sit down to work, something comes up that keeps me from focussing. Not a good thing for a so-called writer to admit. I designed a book cover for the first title, but the story itself has largely been this foggy setting in the back of my head for a week or two now.

Well, I’ve finally made a breakthrough. It’s not complete. Even the first book is still skeletal and in need of a proactive resolution, and the plots for the second and third titles are still yawning gaps. But it’s starting to form. I’m starting to get a vague sense of my protagonists. I’m coming closer to the point where I can start trying a few paragraphs to see how they taste.

It could be a Very Good Thing™. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, in other news, there’s stuff to do Downtown this afternoon. I might be going to a meeting for planning the Carter Square project, if my bidding to paint the mural doesn’t conflict. And there’s a rally against the casino lobby at City Hall today. I’m going to work on plot until it’s time to go, whenever that might be. If I miss the meeting, that ‘ll be more work time for me. I’m trying to make this a positive, in the face of having possibly lost my position on the planning team. I don’t mind all that much, but it’s grating after having put in so much time and effort up to this point.

I hope to have the three plots ironed out before the day is out, with any luck.


ETA: Yup, I’ve been dismissed from the Carter Square team. *shrug*

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