First Month in Review

One of the many reasons I started this site was because I wanted to see in clear, graphical terms, whether there was an audience for my gaming ideas.

See, I’ve run several blogs and websites over the years, but none of them had particularly helpful metrics. Those old hitcount meters were and are pretty rubbish, really.

So when I started this blog, one of the features that really grabbed my attention was the fairly sophisticated site metrics trackers. I’ve learned a lot from them in this past month.

But hey, let’s face it, the coolest thing for me has been this:

VFMD 2011 06 07a

I’ve had less than a half dozen posts that have atrracted more than 200 viewers in the last 30 days, but it has to be said that, even if they were the exact same 200-350 viewers, that’s more strangers reading my blog than I ever knew existed before. It’s probably nowhere near as cool as what some of you get in a day, but hey, Shiny New Blog, y’know. I may have had this many viewers and more in the past, but I had no way of knowing. So it’s cool, in a not-terribly-significant-but-quite-pleasant sort of way.

Today’s schedule promises to keep me away from the computer until dinner time, at least. So there won’t be much updating, unless I get some writing of the long-overdue article on roleplaying games done on the laptop while at Mom’s; shouldn’t be as hard as usual to work there, because almost nobody will be around. If I get that done today at least, then I’ll have a real reason to celebrate, even if I don’t get nearly as many readers as I did yesterday.

But whatever happens, know that I appreciate you, oh faithful reader. So far, you’re only a digit in my site stats page, but one day, I hope to get to know you a little better, whoever you are.


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