For Charlie

There’s an earth mover outside squealing away that could seriously use some oil. Dawn has been woken early because of it. I’ve been listening to old music I recorded in the past year or two, as well as a few tracks from decades ago. This one piece I did, though was for one of our cats, Charlie, who died in the street, run down by a car on a rainy night. It still saddens me, and it’s been a few years. I was walking home in the rain a few months ago and saw some stupid cat dart out into the middle of the street with an oncoming car. The cat didn’t get hurt, but it reminded me of Charlie, and I heard some music in my head that I then went home and tried to capture. I failed, but this is what I got instead:

For Charlie

And this was him, on the first or second day we had him, while we were still trying to find his owners, who never turned up:

Charlie cat


He was a great cat, independent to a fault, and only ever did one thing (besides dying) that I wish he hadn’t; he taught our other cat, Lucky, to walk on and over humans, which, given Lucky’s weight and size, is a painful experience.

That’s my recital for today. I’ll stop by later if I think of anything else to talk about. Thank you for reading.


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