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Nice day, wasn’t it?

So, what have my favourite Mackaholics been up to? And when are you folks going to answer my questions?

My agent and I went to the local park for a drum circle for the second week in a row, and this week, we actually got to do some fairly interesting drumming, because there was another musician who actually knew a little about drumming and wasn’t hung up on the faerie dragon cluster or whatever the fuck they’re called. I can take criticism, but I’m usually not too graceful about accepting a blanket dismissal of my abilities by someone who can scarcely carry a rhythm in a bucket.

Okay, yeah, maybe a little resentful, but seriously, I may not be a great musician, but I don’t see why I should tolerate crap about not being a drummer from someone I can drum circles around.

Anyhow, enough of my grousing. It was a great little gathering tonight, if for no other reason than that we got to drum with someone who made it feel like a groovy thing to do. I look forward to going again.

Today, I worked on seven songs, and I’m pretty happy with the results of each. I was worried that this To Do list would prove to be a serious buzzkill, but what I’ve found is that it’s really helped me to zero in on the stuff that needs fixing, and seeing the points get scratched off is helping me to see that this deadline thing is actually doable. I still haven’t conquered the beastly On My Mind/On The Furthest Shores problem, but if I go through the rest of the trouble spots as fast as I did today’s stuff, I should be free to focus on those two by Friday, at which point I hope to have a better grasp on the changes I’ve made, including tightening up the track to get it clicking over at 80 BPM, and to recapitulate a few really good bits that deserve to be heard more than once. The riffs are breaking down pretty easily. I didn’t make it too hard for myself, but I really do wish I had kept up my playing, so I could just spew this stuff out instead of trying to teach it to myself at the last minute.

I’m listening to Julian Lennon’s Everything Changes and thinking it still sounds as good to me as the day I reviewed it—maybe better, actually. I find that there are a few albums I’ve been staying away from while I work on my album, but now that I’m nearing the end of the tunnel, I can go back and listen to this other albums and see if they still appeal. Miracle of miracles, they do. That’s the cool thing about not being a professional reviewer. I can write about what I like, and I don’t have to write about stuff that doesn’t work for me.

Like the Gotye album. Sorry. I like the song, same as everyone else, but the album just isn’t grabbing me yet. I get it, but it’s like getting a joke you don’t think is very funny; you might smile—or grimace—but you won’t laugh, and when they realize you’re not laughing, they start thinking you’re defective, because hey, it’s funny!

So yeah, no Gotye review. Sorry. I’ve got other stuff I’d rather review. Like JoCo and Sloan and Adrenaline Mob and Corea/Clarke/White. I’ve also decided not to review the ‘new’ Frank Zappa album, because,to be honest, it just sounded like what it is; very well done leftovers. I think only the final track does anything special, and even that wasn’t enough to really grab me. I might listen to it once or twice more, but it’s officially the first non-Mothers Zappa album I’ve listened to that didn’t grab me (I’m not a fan of the original MoI).

I think that’s about all I’ve got to say for myself tonight. I’ll try to sneak out and post this either tonight or tomorrow morning before everyone gets up.

Thanks for reading.


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