Friday Friday… So Good To Me

I’ve been having one of those long, busy weeks, so I’m glad that it’s effectively over, and I can focus on writing again.

First up, I did a LOT of logo work for my local neighbourhood association. I’m looking forward to unveiling it, but it’s not approved yet, so we have to wait just a little bit longer.

Second, I have attended a number of neighbourhood association meetings in the last seven or eight days, and I have to say, I’m starting to get excited about the possibilities again, despite some friction over the management of one of the groups I’m part of.

Third, I have done absolutely NO creative writing this week. In fact, I’ve done very little non-creative writing as well. Just lots of meetings and graphics.

Fourth, I wish you could hear this compilation list I put together of all of Genesis’ B-side material. It’s like a greatest hits collection without the hits, but good anyway. Very cool stuff.

Fifth, I’m gonna try to get some writing done today. But the first thing I have to write, after this blog post is done, is the article I promised last weekend for the Art Crawl we attended last Friday. It’s been, as I said, a very busy week. Then I hope to do some actual fiction writing, if time permits. We’ll see.

The article will appear HERE a little later today. Please stay tuned for it.

That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for reading.


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