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Okay, so I haven’t posted in the past couple of days, and that’s basically down to a combination of being busy away from home, tired from running around, and depressed from… well, depression.

Things I wanted to do today included writing fiction and recording some music. Haven’t heard from my song writing partner in weeks, but his father hasn’t been well, so he’s been visiting with the old man, as it were. No phone calls, so I don’t know if he’s improved or worsened.

Still have two short stories to complete for the book. Running close another deadline I fear I’m going to blow. Perhaps tomorrow will be a good writing day. I can easily manage the word count, but I haven’t solved the mystery, Winterlude. I should just pull it out and finish Dream Job. Problem is, I really, really want to finish Winterlude. I do. Honest.

You believe me, don’t you?

I still want to make some more music for Surreyal and sew some pieces together from the bits I’ve got. I just haven’t had time to really absorb or rehearse any of the bits. I need to set some time aside for that. Maybe put the bits in WinAmp and set it to shuffle, trying bits against each other until some combinations start sticking out. I suspect I’ll be able to get some momentum again if I can just cobble together a few sections and make them sound deliberate. Then I can start drawing stuff out of my partners and get them working on stuff too. It’s not a real band; not yet. But I wouldn’t mind if it turned into one. I miss having a band.

Sales for The Whole Other Half album appear to have gone into hibernation. I only have two or three people asking for a copy. That’s about as many as I sold digitally. Imagine that. Nine months of recording and tweaking, for $78. I feel like a monumental phony. Maybe folks will come back to these Etcetera Thesis albums some day, if and when I make more music and get it out there. I guess I’ll have to hope for that, because I don’t know what else to think.

I’m listening to tracks from Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited II. I have good friends. Problem is, it’s not mine to keep, so I have to write the review and give the album back soonish. Poverty, my friends… sweet, sweet poverty. I just really want to review it, because the reviews I’ve read from certain ‘fans’ so far have been annoying, and I’m not sure I care what the regular music press thinks, if at all.

It’s getting dark. We still haven’t sorted out what to do for dinner, and we have a community meeting to attend. Dull stuff I’ve just about stopped caring about. I think a break is in order, if things keep on as they have. One more job… one more logo… Then I can decide if I’m going to resubmit for that mural or not, and draw something new if I decide the answer is yes.

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