Further Developments

Still dying of Chest Muck Plague. Still tired and dozy. Still drawing lettersets: Limbo AlphansE 001

There may be one or two more lettersets to design, once these two are formalized. The first is gonna take me a while (three forms for each letter, and frankly, what I’ve got so far needs work), and the second comes in two or three sizes, and also has a lowercase letterset–most of which have yet to be drawn–though this project doesn’t really need them (yet).

The first set (Limbo AlphansE) is my attempt to modify my favourite Mucha-type letterset, to put my personal stamp on it and claim it for my own, while still tipping my hat to the master.

The second set (Limbo Cornice) is my long-promised full letterset for logos I did for the Tru Treat and Zoe projects. I’m struggling a little with the self-imposed dimensions, based on trying to draw them all on one sheet, but it looks like it will work anyway, and if I need to change teh dimensions, later, I’ll be able to vector thema nd strech them anyway I like. I just need full sets to work from. I don’t want to be stoppign to design all-new lettersets every other day, or this project will never get done. It’s not meant to be a portfolio; it really is intended to function as a proper graphic novel, despite my intention to make it interactive as well.

I’m looking forward to the part where I actually start drawing, you know, the actual logos for the actual splash pages. I’m starting to need to see how this stuff is going to turn out, so I can figure out how to make the interactive part work. the notions I have inmy head are untested, and I won’t know if they’ll work properly until I have finished art to work with.

I was also looking into other Kickstarter-type funding programs, but haven’t committed to any as of yet. I have no idea how credible some of these programs are, and the fact is, Kickstarter has a fair bit of heft in the comics world right now. Asking comics fans to finance a project through something other than Kickstarter might raise eyebrows, but alas, ther eis no Kickstarter for me here in Canada. *shrug*

But what I really want is to sit in my living room and chat with close friends. Alas, everyone has better things to do than spend time with a dead man today.



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