Getting A Clue

Back around 1991, I was briefly living in Oakville, Ontario, with friends, and working over the Christmas holidays in the local Toys R Us. During that time, I purchased the then-brand-new update of the classic mystery game, Clue, appropriately titles Master Detective Clue. It involved an expansion of weapons, rooms and suspects, and was an absolutely gorgeous and deeply inspirational (I’ll come back to that in a bit) game. My family and I got a fair bit of use out of the game, until we ran out of notebook sheets. I’d planned to make photocopies and get back to playing, but alas, that never happened.

Some time after I bought my first computer in 99′ I made a high resolution scan of the last semi-clean notebook sheet I still had, with the intention of recreating the page in Photoshop and printing off sheets. I actually started that process, but the results looked like hell, so I abandoned the task. It looked roughly like this:

Then, last year, I decided once more to give it a go, this time in Illustrator. The results were much more satisfactory:

I could probably use some textures and stuff, but I think it looks pretty good. Now all I need to do is print off some copies and recruit some friends to play the game with me. 🙂

Meanwhile, I also have the Clue video game, which came with a box of cereal I bought a handful of years ago. That was pretty cool in itself, actually, if a bit slow.

And in other news, I’m having trouble staying focussed on writing Dream Job; RedBubble pulled two of my designs because Valve is cracking down on Portal-related fandom artwork; and the storm has blown a lot of stuff around, but to the best of my knowledge, nobody in town was harmed (though someone in Toronto died; warm vibes going out to her family).

Album reviews coming soonish. I’ve borrowed a small stack of new CDs of interesting music, and look forward to discussing some of them.

And of course, The Back Roads of Limbo will hopefully be ready to publish tomorrow, if I can just push through these last two stories. Will he make it, folks? Tune in tomorrow to find out!


ETA: If this works, there should be a link to a PDF copy of the design I did for the Cluedo/Clue score sheet.
Clue Detective Notebook 2011

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