Glory Days

So I’m stuck in the middle of a number of unfinished projects, none of which will be ready for the holiday gift-giving season, save perhaps the holiday card I’m currently procrastinating on. And what I’m thinking at the moment is totally uncharitable: why should I bother? Almost no one would buy what I have to offer if I had something ready to go anyway.

Now, don’t get upset. I’m not blaming you for my misfortune. Really, I’m not. The fact is, I haven’t generated much in the last few years, and what I have generated is marred by DIY production values that most people can’t feel good about unless the artist in question is heralded as a maverick genius like Tom Waits.

I recorded two home studio albums last year (Bisecting a Circumference, and the sequel, The Whole Other Half), and the songs are pretty great, if I do say so myself, but they’re not without flaws, performance-wise, and I suspect my engineering skills are still not up to par for most folks. They lack that quintessential polish that people need to hear in modern music, and I just don’t have what it takes to give it to them. Yet.

I haven’t sold a new piece of art in some time, and the only art sale I made this year was ten dollars (Canadian) to a sweet young couple who looked like they needed something inspiring on their wall. So I sold them the line art to THIS.

I DID do some graphic design for my neighbourhood this past year that won a few hearts. You can see it HERE.

I released an excellent collection of short stories and novellas around this time last year that sold in single digits, and is still on sale HERE and HERE.

And I submitted Terminal Monday to a literary award contest, which it sadly failed to be nominated for.

I started work on a few new novels, but they won’t be ready any time soon. Hopefully in the new year.

So that’s where my head is at today. Please don’t feel offended. I’m just not feeling the seasonal spirit quite as much today as I would like. Maybe I need to start watching the movies and specials to get in the spirit of things.

Thank you for reading, and for those of you considering buying, I thank you unreservedly.


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