Going Through The Motions (Second Thoughts)

Going Through The Motions (Second Thoughts)


I’ve seen this place before
Where everything feels slightly wrong
Not a word seems to come out right
And it all reminds you of a song.

I know I promised you everything
And I still have hope in my heart
But every day seems to bring more tears
And takes our love back to the start.


Did I ever tell you then
How good it felt to look in your eyes?
Everything that I’d been looking for
Had been hiding behind your disguise.

Thought you might have more to say
But it never quite reached my ears
A part of me has been waiting for you
To come clean after all these years.

We’re going through the motions
We’ve known each other for so long
Too much water under the bridge
But the current there still runs strong.

We still have this strange connection
Though we don’t always see eye to eye
I could never clearly define it
And I can’t see a reason why.


So here we are again
Watching love in its final throes
Playing it out to the bitter end
How we got here, God only knows.

Never wanted to hurt a friend
But I guess that’s how love goes
So here’s the note that I meant to send
As the show came to a close.

We’re going through the motions
Though there’s an itch under the skin
We’re both scratching at the surface
But the excuses are wearing thin.

To be fair I just had a stray thought
A recollection from long ago
And it’s left me with the warmest feeling
I thought you might like to know.

©1996, 2006, 2010 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music
from the upcoming Thesis album, ‘Bisecting a Circumference’

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