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I’ve been working a little on rerecording some older demos that have been needing the digital treatment for some time. I’ve been planning on this stuff for a long time, but I’m also an olympic-level procrastinator. So the remakes have been waiting and waiting. I’ve started programming the drum track for Here It Comes Again, a track I originally programmed on an Alesis SR-16.

I’ll bet a number of you own or have seen one of these little darlings. I haven’t seen mine since the spring of 1998, when a long walk with Gary and Wendy, followed by a torrential rainstorm that kept me on the escarpment overnight, lead to coming home to discover that two keyboards and a drum machine (plus about 50 CDs) had been burgled from my apartment.

Anyway, point is, all my careful drum programming back then has gone bye-bye, and Im forced to start from scratch. Programming drum tracks has always been something I’ve needed to be in the right frame of mind for. Drum tracks sometimes took me days or even weeks to polish. Even now, I sometimes leave in flubbed bits simply because I’ve started to hate working on specific tracks. I have at least one track from last year’s album that I’m pretty sure still needs tweaking, but I haven’t been able to get up the gumption. Most folks haven’t said one way or another whether they need more work or not.

But yeah, I’ve been programming. This wouldn’t be the case if my drummer weren’t basically out of the running. Derrick is a dear friend, but he hasn’t really been behind a kit in years, and last time around, he was pretty rusty. Fun to jam with, but rusty. And yet, if we were working now, I’d gladly get his help, if for no other reason than so I don’t have to figure out the beats myself. Sometimes, a straight 4/4 rick beat is all a song needs. But other times, you need to be a little more inventive. And if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that it’s a fair bit easier and a lot more satisfying to be inventive on a real drum kit than on a little drum pad. One day… one day…

So yeah, exciting times. I started one of those BandPage things on Facebook, but I have to admit, I prefer dealing directly with SoundCloud for uploading and linking/cross-posting music files. I may have to invest in a pro account some day, though. I have no idea how close I am to running out of hosting space. I’d look into charging schemes, but I don’t feel good about making anyone pay for any of the files as they stand, because they’re all in rough demo stages.

But when I get the final versions knocked together, boy howdy, just watch me start charging for those little darlings. If nothing else, I’ll use the money to pay for hosting and promo, though it would be nice to actually have real money around the house again. And it would be great to burn CDs and sell them at band gigs, which might be another nice reason to start a new band.

And speaking of new bands… I kinda decided to create a band logo for the upcoming recording project, which I suppose will allow me to record with people other than Gary and Derrick. Not quitting those guys; just, you know, trying to get some work done. Anyway, LOGO:

Hmmn. I AM going to have to edit that image to remove the unnecessary white space. Anyway, that’s stuff. Time I was working on something. Not music. Back’s giving me grief. I’m laid up in bed today. Maybe tomorrow.


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