Greatest Misses

Back in the autumn of 1997 and the early spring of 1998, Gary and Dave were taking it in turns not to show up for practice, leaving us in an almost permanent state of being power trio. On a few of those occasions, it was just Derrick, Big Dave and I, so I instigated a series of jam sessions before we would get started on proper song rehearsals. From these sessions, I culled a series of jams that inspired me so much, I promised myself I’d find some way to turn them into proper songs. It’s about fifteen years alter and I still haven’t achieved this, but as I HAVE just digitized and cleaned up three of my favourite tracks from that bunch, I’m thinking it might be time. I haven’t decided when or where to use them, or even if they’ll keep their titles. I just want to record them again, to get them right. I’ll probably do a little digital cut and paste to put them together into a more pleasing structure. There’s certainly enough going on in each piece that turning them into fully fledged songs should be a dawdle. I used to do it all the time, only with cassette decks and lots of note paper.

However, until then, here are the jams themselves. I think they’re a bit of great all on their own, warts and all:

The Art of Letting Go
When It Seems To Be Ending
The Furthest Shores

That last one sounds a lot like a Tony Banks piece to me, and the middle piece has some Keith Emerson in there, but I still haven’t decided what the first one reminds me of.

Anyway, thanks for listening.


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