Greetings From Limbo

I was sure I wouldn’t do anything overly creative today, and frankly, I’m not overly impressed with what I have done, but I HAVE been a bit creative:

First up, something I’m just tooling around with. THIS IS NOT an official document. AT ALL. It’s just a demo for the team to look over, so they know what I’m talking about when I present it to them. There IS text, but I blanked it out so you can’t read it. I don’t want people trying to quote this stuff until everything is phrased just right. And yes, there will be cartoon diagrams to go with the text.

I started drawing the first panel in my sketchbook when I suddenly came over sort of tired and figured I should be resting. But then, somehow, I got diverted to sticking the last of my good business cards from last year on my mail box, and THEN I decided to replace the door sign we’ve been using for the last couple of years, because the old one was in rough shape:

I have in front of me a delivery notice from Canada Post, who once again wishes me to believe that their delivery person knocked on my door (and got no answer) with my parcel, even though I was home and could hear the door perfectly the whole time. They also want to charge me just over $12 dollars in ‘applicable taxes’, even though my last shipment incurred no added taxes. I’m being robbed in broad daylight, I tell you. 😉 They also tell me I must now wait until tomorrow to go to my drug store and pick the parcel up there, which is about twelve blocks due east of here. *sigh* I usually go to a closer post office for these drops. I wonder what has changed?

Anyway, I’m going to go try a nap on for size. I’m still coughing up goo, but it’s getting easier and more productive, even if it seems to be endless.

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