Happy Canuckistan Day

Sorry for the weak title. I wanted to quote some lyric or song title, but I’m listening to instrumental Anthony Phillips music this morning, and have nothing pithy to offer. The current piece is Dungeons, which doesn’t quite sum up where my head’s at just now, so not really.

I’ve been kind of busy with Real Life stuff these past few days, and haven’t had time to post. I also haven’t had much to talk about that is worthy of posting. No record reviews, no interactive storytelling articles, no reports about writing or art or music creation, nada.

That said, I recently borrowed a few unfinished pieces of music from Lasaril, a prolific and talented songwriter. I’m going to attempt to finish off said tracks for him, and see what we get. Some time this week, I hope. I may write some lyrics for them today, however.

I’m starting back to work on The Uninvited Guest, which is a summer story, and in my head, needs to be written in the summer heat, to get the feel right. Hard to do with the proliferation of AC in my life these days. Might do some work today, despite the clouds and relative coolness.

I still feel bad that I never quite managed to get the Author Unknown project off the ground the way I originally planned. Sadly, only one or two people were game to play, and not the ones that I would have thought were a perfect fit for said project: prolific short story writer friends. I learned a little bit about my friends from that. Still love them, but I’ve learned not to expect much from them. *sigh*

We have to do a bit of laundry around here. I also have to finish the dishes. and it really is time for me to stop goofing around on the internet and get to work.

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry (unless you’re in some place like Arizona or Nevada, in which case, have a drink on me), and have a good day. Thank you for reading.


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