He Had Human Flesh Under His Claws

Listening to Frank Zappa’s Philly ’76 live album through my little (and quite uncomfortable) Maxwell ear buds. Lots of fun. The album, that is… not the ear buds. I really need a new set of headphones, but the good ones cost, and the cheap ones keep dying on me. When I finally do get a new set, I’m never taking the headphones out of this apartment again.


Currently, it’s Frank and drummer extraordinaire Terry Bozzio singing a comedic duet about Chrissie and her prominent bosom and the beers she was fetching at the time the Devil chose to eat her. The album features the gifted Lady Bianca on backing vocals and keyboards, as well as Terry, Patrick O’Hearn on bass and vocals, Eddie Jobson on keys and violin, and Ray White on rhythm guitar and vocals. Practically a one off band, the line-up lasted so little time, but it has to be heard. It may well be the best live recording of any of Zappa’s band line-ups I’ve ever heard.

I should be doing some work. I’ve already done some work. I created a demo banner for a secret project that may soon come to light. The idea I actually have in mind is so much more complicated that it will take me at least a few days to bang it together if I decide to implement it, but the basic demo is pretty snazzy, if a little too basic for my tastes. Sorry, I can’t share it with you right now. Hey! No peeking!

I’m thinking I have to go down town, get soem laundry money, pay the rent, and perhaps pick up a couple tubes of paint (black and white, FYI) at Mixed Media, and then come home and see which project is going to call to me today. As you may have noticed from some of my previous posts this week, I have a crapload of things I could and should be working on.

At the moment, I’m thinking of those Tarot paintings again. It’s been months since I did much more than draw a few pencil lines on canvas. Time I actually got back to work on those, I think. We kinda need to buy some new computer equipment (#FirstWorldProblems), and the way it’s looking, the only way we’re going to get any extra money in this apartment is to sell some art. Dawn’s busting her butt to make more art to show and sell, and of course, tonight is ArtCrawl, but I’m not sure if the plan is to drag out he Pop Up Gallery again or not. We still haven’t perfected the delivery system on that yet, so I’m not quite as eager as I ought to be, at the moment.

The demolition/construction guys are out there tearing up the last of the parking lot today. There’s a huge fricking hole where this used to be:

Yes, I miss the snow. Shut up.

Okay, so it’s time to make the coffee for my mate and wake her up. You folks have a great day, and to Natasha and Simon and Joanna and Brenda and Drake and the Munchkin and Renee and Erika and Tracee and Devon and Henry and Bill and Myrna and Adam and Chris and my Dawn and guest musicians Dawn & Marra, thank you all for coming out to Bishop’s Park last night. It was a great evening, despite the bugs and the tea spill on my tea-coloured shirt.


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