He Looked Through The Curtains… He Looked At The Phone…

Short one today.

I have a song list I created a year or two ago, based on going through my entire mp3 collection and picking the most energizing track from each album or discography I have. I stopped at 100 songs. It has things like Steve Winwood’s ‘While You See a Chance’ and Talking Heads’ ‘(Nothing But) Flowers’. The song list is called “Positive Charge 01”. I’m thinking about doing another one, kind of like I used to make mixed tapes called “Musiques Pour des Artistes”. I did a series of about 30 of those back in the 90s, before I got my first computer and moved on to mp3 collecting.

If I make another song list, what songs do you think should be in there?

Positive Charge 01



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