He Plays The Death Card And The Whole World Changes

So I’m not done with the Passage To Bujah plot. Big Surprise. Dishes still aren’t finished either. There was a rally and a nearly three hour information session at City Hall. Very big stuff, and the run-off from all of the activism in Hamilton is all over the local newspaper, which usually isn’t this engaged in what we’re doing. Fascinating.

But the point is, I have a lot of work left to do. I’m hoping to have the rough plot skeletons worked out before Gary gets here to jam, but it’s already approaching 9 AM, so really, I have no idea. We’ll see. Or rather, we won’t. I will. You guys? You’re going to have to wait until I write the books before I’ll show you what I did. My gift to you is anticipation. I heard you like that stuff, damned if I know why.

In other news, I don’t hate my music today, which is kind of a surprise, because most days I don’t have good things to say about my songs, any more, so here’s a link to it. I’m not even sending you to the Bandcamp page, so you don’t have to feel obliged to buy. Just listen to the songs and enjoy.

I’ma go plot world domination errm, I mean plot my book trilogy. Have a nice day, and enjoy the snow I ordered.


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