Here, Today, The Red Sky Tells It’s Tale, But The Only Listening Eyes Are Mine

*mutters something incoherent about meetings, and then clears his throat*

Good Morning, My Lovelies.

The famous outro section of Genesis’ ‘Stagnation’ is playing in my ear buds right now. Lovely piece of music. I also enjoy how Big Big Train lifted that passage for Upton Heath.

I’m sipping tea and listening to classic Genesis, looking at pictures painted by late illustration giant N.C. Wyeth, whose style I’ve started to develop a taste for. I also enjoy works by J.C. Leyedecker, Maxfield Parrish, and even Norman Rockwell, though I tend towards Ashcan School artists when I want slightly rough, impressionistic modern scenes. For polished fantasy, I tend to prefer Alphonse Mucha and Arthur Rackham, style-wise. One of these days, I’m going to manage a synthesis of these late 19th/early 20th Century illustration styles, and incorporate them into one or more of my graphic novels, hopefully without looking too derivative of Alex Ross.

We’ve finished ‘Trespass’, and are now going into ‘The Musical Box’, the first track of ‘Nursery Cryme’. It’s a track that was originally composed in large part by Anthony Phillips, though he wasn’t credited with it in the early days. Ant is a hero of mine, even if he was pretty ably replaced by Steve Hackett in most classic Genesis fans’ books. The strange sound fusion of Hackett and Banks trading parts and imitating one another sonically is perhaps something Ant would not have been able to achieve as easily. Ant was and is more of a composer than he is a sonic technician, though he has definitely done a fair bit of that over the years as well. Still, I’d love to hear the original four get back together and finish up those tracks from the middle album that never happened; the transitional songs that were written between ‘From Genesis To Revelations’ and ‘Trespass’ We’ve all* heard the demos by now, but some of the guys have mentioned them over the years as being the stuff they’d like most to revisit and polish up. It’s not the album of new Genesis music that I’d prefer to have, but still, if they did that, I’d be a pretty happy guy.

Phil sings ‘For Absent Friends’. I think it’s a lovely piece. I used to think it was kind of weaksauce, but it’s much more palatable than some of the light passage pieces written by King Crimson, which were and are still a bit twee for my tastes; cloying without being particularly charming.

On the Krim side of things, I’m glad to hear that Fripp has decided to reconvene Kc and do a new album with Jakko Jakzsyk in the hot seat. I love Adrian Belew, but I think they managed to sum up his period most perfectly in The Power To Believe. I’m sure they could come up with something new, but really, I think going with Jakko guarantees that this iteration of Kc will stand out against their older work. I may have to wait a while, but I’m looking forward to hearing what they come up with.

It took me a long, long time to develop a genuine affection for ‘Return of the Giant Hogweed’. I think I always felt it was just a little too willfully weird to be taken seriously. These days, I don’t mind that so much. I like the oddity of it much more now than I did when I first heard it.

I’ve probably babbled too much, and I should probably be writing fiction instead, anyway. Although, despite the tea, I’m thinking a nap might be in order. We’ll see.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.


* ‘all’ in the Classic Genesis fandom, that is.

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