Hey, Bigyun!

So I’ve decided I want to do more with the typeface I designed for the VOLuntEER painting/print series. It’s not the greatest typeface ever, but it serves some purposes, so I decided to grid it into one of my typeface template pages, and this is what it looks like at present:
VFMD 2014 04 23a

And in case you’re wondering what the VOLuntEER graphic looked like in the end, here you go:

Now I’m going to devise some other print series concepts using this typeface (it’s not a font, as I haven’t applied it to a font making program yet; that’s next). I just need a short, snappy set of slogans I can do the same trick with, and make prints and tee shirts from it.

I should probably do some other work today, but I haven’t decided if it will be drawing the thumbnails of the pages I’m supposed ot prep for the next issue of StinZine, or work on STEEP INCLINATIONS. Or maybe the book. We’ll see.

Thank you for reading. Talk to you tomorrow.


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