Hey Man! Where The Heck’s The Follow-Up?

Well, see, it’s like this. I’ve been trying to get started on the second half (I hope it’s only a half; I hadn’t planned on this subject going longer than one post, let alone two), but I’ve been caught up in some pretty long discussions with an old friend from the www.AdventureGamers.com/Forums about some of the assertions I made in my FIRST Redefining Interactivity article, which was really just the first stab at an overview for the site.

So, where are we at? Well, I’ve almost got the dishes done, the cats have been walked, grocery shopping was a bust (NSF :p ), and I’m almost ready to start writing… except it’s almost time to make dinner, and I don’t dare put off eating and watching movies with my wife two nights in a row; she knows where I live.

In other words, the follow-up article isn’t happening until tomorrow. Someone please tell Mory to finish reading the rest of the articles he skipped (talk about tl;dr, eh?) before starting another three hour debate with me when I’m supposed to be writing. 😉

Meanwhile, more juicy fun over at the AG forums: The Greatest Story Game Ever Portal 2 (Is It or Isn’t It?)

Seeya tomorrow, folks, and thanks for helping me break 250 visitors today. I wish I could shake everyone’s hand, but sadly, I can’t even spring for beers at the moment. Maybe next month. Anyone reading this from Hamilton, ON? Maybe we could have an Interactive Beer Night or something. 😀


4 Responses to “Hey Man! Where The Heck’s The Follow-Up?

  • I have to say I’m amused seeing both your opinions about LFB clashing against each other — I’ve already heard them separately, of course, but still.

    Also, 250 hits is pretty impressive — definitely more than I usually get in a day. But then, you’re writing up quite a storm compared to what usually makes it on my blog. 🙂

  • My writing peers over on LiveJournal have been writing up a storm in the past few months, blogging short stories on a daily basis, intended for collection into publishable material. Personally, I’m not a flash fiction kinda guy (closest I ever got were Dream Job and Nu*Der*Chair). If I write a nice, short chapter in a novel I’m working on, that’s a good day for me. Usually my short stories turn into novellas (Winter’s Edge) and my novellas turn into novels (Devil’s Cabinet Maker, The Bride of War).

    So yeah, I was starting to feel inadequate and needed a new project, but the only thing I felt like writing about was the fact that I’m looking for a new way to write interactive fiction and comics. and then you suggested blogging (or you said something that got me thinking about blogging), and here we are.

    I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this pace up, but it occurs to me that, if I can keep the ball rolling nicely for a few months, maybe Good Things™ will happen.

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