Hold On To Your Arm Rest, Don’t Be Alarmed, I’m Gonna Do My Best

Okay, so today is noisy. The construction guys are back, and as clueless as ever. I’m gonna change my estimate. I thought it would take them two weeks to finish, but I’m now thinking they’ll take three, simply because they’re tearing apart more stuff, and the actual parking lot is nowhere near ready to pave.

I did a thing today for RedBubble. It’s a tee shirt slogan that took me about five minutes to hammer together. I don’t expect it to sell much, but then, sales at RedBubble have pretty much dwindled to nothing in recent months, so I expect no favours.

Here’s the shirt:
Suck Girly Fit

It can be addressed to just about anybody, really. I only wish it could be worn by everyone who knows someone who needs correcting.

I went to hear Ian Thomas play at Hamilton Place last night. Eventually, the opening acts finished, followed by intermission, and then the man himself, with his new(ish) band performed for over an hour. It was a Cancer Care Benefit show, so I didn’t expect much more than that. It was a good show. Ian is at least as funny as his brother, which I sort of knew, but it was nice to have that confirmed. I thought about staying to meet the man, but Dawn’s been sick in bed, so I figured I’d best get home and look in on her, as well as make dinner.

I also designed some PT swag, but I’m saving that until I have a book to actually sell and promote. I doubt anyone will buy it, but hey, I’ve got to try. The books themselves don’t sell that much either. I figure I have to do this as intelligently as I can.

I’m not really in the mood to write, which basically means I should force myself to do some writing, just to get ready for NaNoWriMo. Ten more days to get PT ready for writing the first draft. Still got some prep work to do. No idea how many months I’m going to allow to get the first draft done.

I definitely don’t seem to be making any progress on tAD2L. There are several endings to write, still, and at least one chapter I thought was done, but it doesn’t have an ending, so I was wrong, and must continue it until I find one. There was supposed to be one, but I seem to have lost it completely, and my synopsis is too short. All I know is, I have to tie up the loose ends and start heading the novel to a satisfying conclusion. Looks like I have another 50K words to write. I was hoping it would be more like 30K, but I don’t see that happening now.

Time to stop babbling about stuff nobody understands. If I don’t get any work done, I at least hope to play an adventure game or two and recharge my batteries, so to speak. No more graphics for me today.

Thank you for reading. Facebook is dead. As you were.


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