I Always Knew You’d Reach The Dizzy Heights and Leave Me Stranded Far Below

Good morning, Mackrophiliacs,

So, yesterday’s Rush review got a few hits, which is nice. We’ll see if it gets as much traction as the Ian anderson review did, though Rush didn’t touch Ian’s high score.

Today, I started the day with Nine Inch Nails, but eventually shifted gears to Anthony Phillips. I’m starting to get a grasp on the day. We’ll see if anything good comes of it. Writing? Recording? Drawing? Hard to say. Nothing’s pulling at me yet, save a vague notion of writing a review for one of these albums I borrowed and have to return soon.

The mixes on these Ant pieces on the compilation disc ‘Anthology’ is really, really sweet. I don’t usually go for a compilation when I have a discography to choose from, at least when I’m listening on my own, but hearing these mixes brings a number of these songs to life in a way the original mixes failed to do. That’s always nice.

Dawn and I were discussing the possibility of going to Peter’s funeral, but it appears my mother and sister have made other plans; Mom will doubtless go because she works with his sister Mary, but Jolene is at work at the hospital now, so it looks like our reason for going has been removed. *Shrug* I didn’t particularly want to go anyway. I respected the man, but his family kind of make me edgy. And anyway, the water in our apartment has been shut off for repairs, so the shower we each need to take will not be forthcoming. As well, I don’t really have a well-fitting suit to wear these days, so I’m quite alright with missing funerals at the moment.

My wrist has been giving me trouble for the last 24 hours or so, so I have it tightly bound this morning, which is making typing a bit irritating. I’m gonna wind this up and see if I can’t get rid of this burgeoning headache before it gets the better of me. Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


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