I Can Give You The Present, I Don’t Know ‘Bout The Future

Season’s Greetings.

Today is a pretty big day for lots of people around wher eI live. Even people who don’t self-identify as Christian celebrate this holiday, unless they are part of a religion or philosophy that rejects Christian practices entirely. My wife, who identifies as Pagan, claims to celebrate Yuletide, and I’m thinking I’d rather be celebrating the Roman holiday Saturnalia, simply because of my affinity for Saturn and the fact that there is still sacrifice and gift giving involved. I’m not planning on burning livestock, but still, there are kinds of sacrifice that don’t involve blood, though I’m sure certain ritualists would object. I’m not going to burn fruit, if that’s what you think.

I’ve written a classic movie review for my buddy Rodney. We’ll see if he really wants to use it or not.

I’ve written a short Christmas post for Eddie Mack Avenue, and included a lyric I’ve always been rather proud of, for its brevity and simplicity more than anything, although the music it was written for is still a source of great pride for me as well. One day I will get the perfect recording of Breathe, and then I’ll be able to get over my obsession with my old band’s music.

I’m a little tired and in need of food. Guess I’ll end this here. Just wanted to add that I’m still pretty positive about this whole writing thing, even if it’s not quite paying off as I’d hoped. Perhaps the new year will bring greater success.

As always, thank you for reading. Have a great day.


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