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I’ve been pretty busy over the past few weeks, and today I’ve finally (as far as I know) completed work on the logo and banner for my local neighbourhood association. It’s not really my logo, per se, as I submitted completely different logos a couple of months ago and was turned down. But I DID offer to do whatever it took to prepare the final submissions that did get chosen. As it turned out, there were four (no, mine wasn’t one of them), and people loved bits and pieces of all four of them, so I started incorporating bits and pieces of each to create what I think is a pretty interesting composite creation.

I’m not yet authorized to show off the completed work (soon, I hope), but I think I can give a teaser, as well as show off the logos that got turned down:



I predict more tweaking will be needed to finalize the logo, but if it gets shot down at the next general meeting, I’m done. I don’t think I can continue on this project without brand new ideas, or, to put it bluntly, pay, and I don’t see them paying me for the work I’ve done so far, so it’s kind of over.

Looking at the banner art, I’ve concluded that I should do a video game with this style of art. It would probably be a minor hit. The style was originally created for the Passage to Bujah books, as the story concept, though set far in the future, just demanded a 1920s Art Deco illustration feel. Somehow, that’s the same aesthetic I get from Stinson, though the neighbourhood has buildings that date back to the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods. There aren’t precisely any good examples of Deco architecture in Stinson, is what I’m saying, but nevertheless, it has a classic look and feel to it, but it’s a little too new-fangled to be Victorian or even Art Nouveau.

Anyway, I should give more thought to utilizing this art style elsewhere. It takes a bit of work, but I really like the results, for some odd reason.

I should really start working on my mural submission ideas again. I haven’t really had any solid ideas that aren’t a bit tainted by my initial enthusiasm and subsequent disenchantment with the project. I’ll give it some thought over the weekend. Maybe I’ll do a few drawings. If I do, I’ll scan some bits to show off with.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.


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