I Can’t Stop Thinking Big

Another short one today. I have a few things I’m waiting for, so I can finally conclude a few little bits of business and go get some food. Problem is, food requires money, and money is not forthcoming at this very second. Waiting for the mail to arrive, in other words.

I wrote up the premise for PERPETUAL TUESDAY yesterday. It’s taken me months to decide exactly what the premise was going to be. Oh, I’ve been planning it almost since the last day of writing TERMINAL MONDAY, but there was a problem with the premise being too shallow. It needed a big hook, and I finally found it in the process of making myself write the blurb. The answer is always to just write it out, I find. The hook? Go read the blurb and tell me if you can spot it.

If you can’t, I may have miscalculated. But I’m still feeling pretty good about the blurb–and the premise–so I think it’s ready to work on now.

The problem, of course, is I have several books lined up ahead of it, AND I haven’t got much writing time just now. I’m hoping the latter will change soon, but the former is a problem that isn’t going away any time soon.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. Still playing prog rock to get my groove on. Still got one last AGM to schedule. I have the date picked out (Oct. 9th), but I need venue confirmation that the date is clear, and then I have to try to get someone younger than me to host it, if possible. If not, it’s gonna be me, because I’ve had the devil’s own time getting AOs to commit to doing their own AGMs, let alone someone else’s.

Time to check the mail again. Stay warm and dry. Have a good day.


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