I Didn’t Know When I Was Lucky

Ola, Mackamaniacs!

I’m working on an album review while doing graphic design and listening to a discography of Mike + the Mechanics. Can you say Bipolar Boy? I knew you could!

I have so much work to do, it’s kind of frightening, but I’m hoping to squeeze in all of the errands and still have recording time today.

I still need to get my buddy Mark to loan me his nylon strung guitar, so I can record the proper guitar part for Old Man Saturn and get to work on the arrangement. I’m debating reworking the instrumental sections to be a little less homogeneous, but time being what it is, that may not be practical. We’ll have an answer probably by the end of the week.

I also have to finish setting up On My Mind so I can get to work on that. I asked a friend to record some clarinet on that track, which might be a good idea or it might be a mistake, but the only way I can be sure is to set up the track and consider whether I’ve left room for a clarinet performance. It used to be a pretty busy piece of work, but in arranging it for a band to perform, it might wind up sounding quite different this time around. All I know is, I’m not singing those crazy high notes any more; my range just doesn’t go that high any more. But a clarinet might sound about right for that part.

Dinner Date is set up (drum programming, guide vocals and rhythm guitar), and I’m thinking of adding bass and rock organ to that one, as well as perhaps some tweezed strings and flutes to approximate Mellotron/Chamberlin sounds. It won’t be anything like exact, but then, I’m not really trying to be exact with these tools. I’m just trying to paint convincing pictures that have distinctive tones and styles.

The big problem is going to be getting all of these arrangement instruments that require real instruments and actual performers to send me their parts before I have to cut the tracks from the song list. Come hell or high water, I’m releasing an album on the 5th of June. I would like it to be the album I planned for, but if that can’t happen on time, I’ll just cut tracks and save them for another album, assuming I ever get to make another. Time and money are no longer on my side.

Meanwhile, I’ve designed a new band logo:

Nifty, no? What? What do you mean, ‘No’? Boy, I tell you, some people can never be pleased. Anyway, screw you, buddy. I’m using it anyway. TAKE THAT.

Time to get dressed and run those errands. Thanks for reading. Have a great day, okay?

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